Delicious Plant-Based Meals for a busy family using Forks Over Knives Meal Planner (My personal review of the meal planner)

Since going plant-based three years ago, I have been encouraging my family and friends to go fully plant-based because I personally saw numerous benefits of this diet on my body. Many of my friends told me that one of the reasons they could not to go plant based was that they would not know what to eat if they switched. This is why I started my blog and Instagram account so I could share my journey, my recipes and what I eat daily with the world. After having two kids, I struggled with my weight and constant insecurities. In addition, I suffered from inflamed joints and regular migraines. I exercised regularly and ate pretty clean diet and still struggled. Six months after going on a plant-based diet, I started seeing changes in my body. My migraines were practically gone and I was finally free of joint pains too. I lost all the baby weight I was carrying for many years after having kids and was back at my pre-pregnancy weight. I went from 165 lbs to 120 lbs. That’s my brief history behind why I follow a plant-based diet.

People always ask me “how do you come up with meal ideas when you are plant-based?” “How do you have time?” “What if you are a busy mom or career woman who is always on the go?” My answer to that has always been MEAL PLANNING and PREP! Prepping meals in advance definitely makes everyone’s lives easier. I absolutely love planning my meals in advance and prepping them ahead of time. I don’t like to come home after a long day at work and wonder what I will be feeding my family for dinner. Planning meals in advance and knowing what I will prepare saves me time and keeps me accountable too. My challenge most of the time is coming up with interesting meals for my entire family which are on a budget, tasty and don’t take a long time to make. I have two teenage boys who are athletes and they get bored easily if I keep feeding them same stuff week after week. That’s where FORKS OVER KNIVES Meal Planner comes in handy.


I tried their meal planner for one week (it came with 14 days free trial) and got totally hooked. The program helped me immensely with planning my meals for the entire week and helped me save time, money and my sanity. It comes with over 700 chef crafted recipes designed to appeal to the whole family and most are ready in 30 min. My favorite part of the meal planner was a grocery list. No more guessing games. I go to the supermarket like a pro now. I know exactly what I need to make all my meals and walk out of there without getting lost in the aisles.


I loved how easy the recipes were and they did not take a long time to prepare either. Most ingredients in the meal planner are simple and widely available in all supermarkets. I also loved how Forks Over Knives customized each meal planning program specific to my needs. When you start your meal planning program with FORKS OVER KNIVES, it will ask you if you have any soy, gluten or nut allergies.


It will also ask you if you like to schedule specific meals like breakfast, lunch or dinner or just lunch and dinner. I personally picked all meals because I was curious what options will be available to me. In your dashboard you can see your picked meal choices, breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack for each day. You can later delete or swap out the recipes if you want. It’s really awesome. You can also add serving sizes. For instance I have to cook for a family of 4, so I can indicate that on my dashboard.


This way, the recipes and the grocery list are given to you accordingly. It’s totally customizable. You can also remove the servings if you know that someone in your family will be away on a trip one week. This way, you are not wasting food and your money. I also loved the nutritional analysis feature of this meal planning program. Being a fitness instructor and teaching numerous classes a week, I always track my daily calorie intake. This feature is pretty cool because again you are not guessing anymore. If you are limiting your calorie intake, you can swap out the recipe with something that has lower calories.


The meal prepping part was super easy. I tried making meals from all options given, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Most recipes took me 30 min or less. Almost every recipe received a stamp of approval from my teenage boys which was very impressive. Their favorite was these Peanut Noodles with Vegetables. I didn’t have brown rice noodles, so used regular fresh ramen noodles instead. The flavors were dynamite. This dish definitely is requested the most every week.


My family also loved the breakfast options.  We made chia pudding with fresh fruits almost every other morning. And my favorite was Scramble loaded Sweet Potatoes.


I also tried some dessert options from the planner too and the recipe was an absolute bliss.  What I love the most about FORKS OVER KNIVES recipes, they are oil free and refined sugar free. They even give you healthier options if you are watching your sodium too. There is a good balance of plant based protein and vegetables in each meal. And the meals are very filling too.

Strawberry Claffutti I made recently.  Recipe comes from their latest magazine.


Overall, I was very impressed and rather happy with the Forks meal planner program. I recommend it to my family and friends who always cooking. Even if you are not fully plant-based or maybe you are thinking about transitioning or adding more plant-based meals to your diet, or if you are trying to lose weight, you will find this program very useful. I truly think that the meal planner saves you money and time in the long run plus it creates great habits and improves your cooking game too!

A full year subscription to the planner costs around $119.99 if you paid all at once. If you wanna go month to month, it will cost you $19.99 a month. On average I spent about $60-$80 on my groceries using the meal planner grocery list for the meals I planned for the whole week for the family of 4. Go check out Forks Over Knives’ website if you are interested to try it out and get your free 14 days trial to the meal planner.



*This post was sponsored by Forks Over Knives, LLC



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